Thursday, February 24, 2022

If I Could Put Time In a Bottle...


Stumbled on to this photo a few weeks ago, and even though its not on Peoria, it is so evocative and atmospheric that I just HAD to post it...

Those from the Tulsa area will undoubtedly immediately recognise the scene as being in Claremore. The photo is labeled 'Summer 81", and that would appear to be correct given the cars and people in the image. 

I hear the cries of all both of my readers screeching "But, but...thats not the Restless Ribbon, so why is it on here?" Well, because of a couple of reasons; as stated above, the photo is just too cool to not share. Plus, lets face it - by the late 70's, Peoria was pretty much dead except for the occasional special weekend like the Street Machine Nationals or the Shelby meet. Many reasons for this - and many are decidedly not PC to discuss, so we won't do so here - but its still a fact. The Restless Ribbon was 'resting' by the late 70's and comatose by the early 80s. But... the spirit of the Restless Ribbon lived on for awhile in certain surrounding towns, and Claremore led the way in that area. From about 79 to 81, yrhmblhst's left thigh was consistently 50% larger than his right... riding a 3000# Zoom clutch on Saturday night in Claremore traffic will do that to ya!

Anyway, just had to share this picture.

(oh, btw..., as I understand it, Claremore is leading the way towards a restoration of 'Cruising' with a nice Friday evening Cruise, emanating from this very parking lot... might want to check it out)