Saturday, April 10, 2021

Dave says....


This is a page of a journal Dave is doing about good memories BITD - how cool is that? Looks like he pretty well nailed it, dontcha think?
Thanx for sharing Mr E and looking forward to seeing more.


  1. Are you familiar with R.A. Lafferty (the late writer who lived in Tulsa all his life? In one of his short stories he mentions the "restless ribbon" without further explanation. My search just got me to your fantastic site! The story is "Horns on their Heads." The Lafferty fan club site is
    May I have permission to share the lovely illustration of South Peoria Avenue with the Lafferty fans?
    PS: I lived in Bloomington, Illinois when in high school. We had a restless ribbon, driving up and down it was called "tooling the gag." Cops would stop us for cruising.

  2. Anon - glad you found the site and liked the post. As far as permission, its fine with me but I imagine Mr Eames would like to know about it too! Check his FB acct...