Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Don shared a photo...

               Don from the Early V8 Ford club just shared this photo with YrHmbHst.

What a great picture! Appears to be looking south on Peoria at 41st St. Undoubtedly, the fellow leaning in the 58 Chevy talking to a couple of lovely young ladies just hopped off the front of his own car parked in the Safeway parking lot. In front of the BelAir is a sweet 53 to 55 Ford F100, and in front of that a 67 Impala. C&F Racing's building would be right 'above' the roof of the pickup. Next to the truck appears to be an Oldsmobile StarFire.

But look at the car on the left of the photo whose passenger is mugging for the camera; that appears to be a 70 AMC Rebel MACHINE...very cool and very rare automobile.

Anyone here have any more info on the photo? Any other observations?

Thanx for sharing Mr D.

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