Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rick Says . . .

Where do I begin? Dragging Brookside was THE place to be. Cruising, picking up chicks, or them picking up guys, was what Friday and Saturday nights were all about. Each mile had its own social groups occupying different parking lots.

There was a Safeway lot which housed the goat ropers and kids. Next were various lots with "tough guys" and their wenches. The first Arby's in town was occupied by bikers. Farther south, the cool people took over all the way to Der Wienerschnitzel. Bellaire Village was where guys met to race for "pink slips". My neighbor had a 1965 short bed Ford truck with a hot 352 and all eight open exhaust exiting out the back. He did a burn-out in that parking lot which completely obscured the Camelot Inn one nightActually more than once! The fast guys would check out each other's cars and decide if they thought their muscle car would win in a race down Highway 75, or, if the other guy would walk off with their cherry machine. Things occasionally got tense... (It was so much fun!)
One Saturday, my brother was challenged by a guy named Rusty. Rusty had a 1969 440 six-pack Roadrunner that had been unbeatable. My brother had a 1969 SS 396 Camaro. Well, the plate said 396 but it was a really a 427, with over 600hp.

They were going to race the Beeline for titles. We took off to get gas and Rusty sent a spy to watch us. We noticed the guy and went all the way over to Garnett for fuel. When we got back on I-44, the guy was right behind us. My brother floored the beast and left the other car's lights back in the stone age. We were going about 130 after a mile. (With slicks, it would do that in a 1/4 mile at the drag strip) Well, the spy finally showed up and told Rusty that things weren't quite what they appeared to be at first glance, so Rusty backed out of the deal. The wuss. And that's the way it was back then.

Sometimes I'm reminded of Charlton Heston in "Planet Of the Apes" when I think about the crappy, front wheel drive, ugly, modern cars and high fuel prices: "Damn you! Damn you all to hell!"   :)

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