Thursday, July 31, 2014


YrHmblHst has just been informed of a travesty of all things good and decent occurring on Peoria. A National Historic Site has been razed apparently ; the building that housed C&F Racing Equipment has been demolished and the site leveled. THIS is unacceptable. No word yet on the parties responsible for this crime against humanity nor the enterprise slated to be sat upon this hallowed parcel, but certainly a nationwide boycott of said business will be called.
Let those of us who remember take a moment and recall 'The Headquarters For Instant Oats'...


Reliable sources have just informed YrHmblHst that the building going up on C&F’s plot is to be an Arvest bank. Whilst a blanket boycott of all these institutions of avarice is desirable, those usurious parasites have so woven themselves into society’s fabric, and dictated it’s direction, that such is fairly impractical at the present.
However, arvest should already be number 2 on the ‘banks to avoid’ list - right behind bank of america -  due to its incestuous relationship to the Evil Empire. [walmart]  This latest slap in the face may well elevate arvest’s placing in that hierarchy.

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