Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jon says . . .

"Funniest thing I ever saw on Peoria happened one Friday evening in the summer of 74. I had just walked out of the Pagoda restaurant with a girl I was dating at the time, and we had just sat down in my car. There were two of "Tulsa's Finest" that had checked out right behind us, just getting into their cruiser a couple of rows over when I heard someone 'lightin em up' coming out from under the bridge . I mean he was wailin it, so naturally the nice policemen wanted to stop and have a talk with him...
Remember Cragar SuperTrick wheels? Remember that they had a big sticker on them new that said "For Drag Racing use only. NOT for street use"? They had plenty of radial strength, but weren't designed for potholed streets or high lateral loads. They were very light. Well, this guy must not have believed Cragar because he had Super Tricks on his car. Great big wide ones on back and little skinnies on front.
Once the gumball machine lit up, I guess the ol boy thought he had enough of a lead on the cops to make it on up a few blocks, turn into that neighborhood there on the right and lose them. When I drove by, the cops were just getting out of their car. There on the side street just barely off of Peoria sat the orange Camaro with its crossmember on the concrete and both fenders bent. The centers of the front wheels had both popped out when he tried to corner hard leaving him sitting there!"

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