Monday, November 18, 2013

Tom says . . .

Just received this email from Tom, who found us via Tulsa Gal...

"Reading through your site brought back so many happy memories. I certainly wasn't one of the "cool kids" in a cool car - my ride up and down the strip when I was in high school was an oxidized red 62 Falcon Ranchero. With a straight six and 'three on the tree', I sure wouldn't win any drag races or catch the eye of many [ if any] girls, but it was mine and it got me there. Paid $100 for it from an older gentleman that my uncle knew who had used it mostly around his small farm outside of Pryor. It was pretty low miles for its age, but had a big dent in the right bedside where a cow had head-butted it. It also had Farm Plates ; the original owner told me to always carry a bale of hay or something in the back. If I got stopped in town for having Farm plates in the city, I could point to the hay and claim to be heading back from the feed store or something! [license plates for farm vehicles were only $10 a year, but were supposed to be used for farm business only]
Like most everyone else at that time, I went up and down Peoria almost every weekend evening in the summer.  Just cruising down the street, trying to look as cool as I could with a big cow dent in my car, KAKC playing through the tiny speaker atop the dash board, looking at the neat cars and the pretty girls. Being rather poor, Penningtons was a treat reserved for those rare occasions when there was a girl in the car! Of course, not having a shrimp basket for supper on Saturday night didn't mean I couldn't drive THROUGH Pennington's though! My Peoria fare was mostly the 19 cent "Der Mustard Dogs" at Der Weinerschnitzel. A couple of those and $5 of cut rate gasoline from the Hudson station and I was set! Of course, when I would have a friend or two with me - the extra guy sat in the back perched on the hay bale - they paid for the gas, so the old Ranchero got DX then!
Sorry I don't have any great stories to share. It was just a great time and a great place back then. Just the freedom of having your own car and the joy of driving around aimlessly was all the reward one could ask for.  It was fun just BEING there!"

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