Saturday, August 24, 2013

Greg Says . . .

" In the spring of '66 , I bought a new Norton N15 CS from Atlas Cycles when Kenneth was still down on 15th. Paid $1320. After a little tuning and fiddling around, I got it to go 13.20s IN the 1320! Cruised Peoria on it every weekend. Seems like every third car that summer was a Marina Blue SS Chevelle. Those 396 Chevelles were fairly quick for their time, IF you could put it down on the ground. Mostly, they just spun those little bias plys into smoke and didn't launch too well. Same thing with most of the 'fast' cars ; the best tires you could run on the street were Atlas Bucrons. They were better than the stock 6.70 x 14 or whatever, but nothing like slicks. The engines always overpowered the tires on the street.
At $10 a race - never more - I paid my Norton off before I was sent off to viet nam that autumn...
More later."

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