Friday, April 26, 2013

The Brook Theatre and Restaurant

Flying down the freeway in my friend's Firebird Friday, I figured it was finally time to foray forth towards the Ribbon again, so I finagled financing for the fuel and floored it, looking forward to foraging for history, fineries and flavourful food for the weekend there on 1300 block East. Forging up I44, I took the now unfamiliar 'new and improved' expanded exit onto Peoria and suddenly realised I had made a horrible mistake; I should have borrowed a Range Rover instead of that F body. The pounding that poor Pontiac took proceeding down Peoria was pitiful. Lord have mercy...that street is bad. I've been through tank traps at Camp Gruber that were better...
Anyway, after a quick rest stop at my buddy Mike's new/old house there a few blocks east of Whole Foods, and allowing the poor car to recuperate a bit from the bone and suspension jarring abuse just sustained, I went in search of sustenance. Deciding on a leisurely and [very] late lunch, YrHmblHst combined food with history and went to the Brook.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Karen says . . .

Received this email when I got back from Tulsa late this evening. Give it a read...

"Dear Sir,

My name is Karen ------- . I found your blog when I went looking for Pennington's Black Bottom Pie recipe online. Thank you for printing it! I plan on trying my hand at it this week.

I lived in Tulsa for six years - ages 11 through 17 - and remember it fondly. Tulsa was a great place then and I have nothing but happy memories. I realize that 40 years or so {and I'm not saying exactly how many! } can sometimes cloud the memory and paint the past with a soft rosy brush, but my parents agree that it was a great time all over and Tulsa was especially nice. So it's not just my memories of a happy childhood and teenage years! So many places and things there bring a smile to my face. I know my children have a hard time believing some of the stories, but those who were there know they are true. The freedom we had, the lack of worry, the lack of crime, etc were wonderful. No one thought anything of sending us kids to the store on our bikes or on foot by ourselves. We played and hung out with our friends all day, and no one even locked their doors, at least during the day. We rode our bikes all over. Stayed at the neighborhood pool for hours and no one worried about us. Mom and Dad would occasionally drop us at Bell's on a Saturday after lunch and come back and pick us up that evening. It was a great place and a great time.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Retirement Party!

Valued contributor and just general good guy, Driller at Driller's Place is retiring today from his 'day job'.  Click on over and send him a congratulatory note when you get a chance.