Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jenny says. . .

"I certainly wasn't what you'd call a "regular" on Peoria in the mid 60's - I didn't even own a car! But I was able to borrow the family wagon - a 1960 Chevrolet station wagon named "The Enterprise" [after the aircraft carrier - Star Trek wasn't quite around yet] occasionally on the weekends. Naturally, when I could, I loaded up a couple of friends and we headed across the river to Peoria. It was quite a treat to have the car, a couple of friends and a little money from odd jobs for gasoline and food on a summer evening!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Theodore Jackson Chimes In. Finally. . .

Just received this email from my friend Teddy Jack Eddy. No, not the 'real' Mr Jackeddi, who I sincerely wish WOULD chime in, but my buddy TeddyJack. Of course, thats not his real name, but...well, go to his post on My First Car to read an explanation.

" Hey Johnboy,
Had a little time this weekend, so I thought I'd put together a few thoughts about Peoria back in the day for you - and get you off my back. As you know, by the time I got there, it was really slowing down from it's heyday [ but I was still ahead of you, punk].  But there was still plenty happening, on Saturday nights especially. Except of course when Mazeppa was on! Man, that place died about 10:30, then sorta picked back up about 1 with the hardcores. Heard some tales of some serious street races being set up down there, for some big money at the time. But I, naturally, wouldn't know anything about that. I just heard.
But there was plenty of that going on amongst the regulars too, just not for money. Or at least not much. As we've discussed before, things had kind of segregated by 72 - 73 - 74. The fast guys, mostly Mopars and a few old Chevies, usually parked at C&F Racing Equipment. Safeway was full of high school kids that were just cruising and rotating thru Pennington's. The few Ford guys that were trying to do something seemed to meet at Midas Muffler. Us Pontiac guys tended to congregate sort of across the street at Moss Seat Covers. There was always a couple of those Stage motored Buicks at that Texaco up by the Camelot; that white GSX was quick. And naturally, there were Chevy guys everywhere, and everyone moved around a lot. But that was sorta how I remember it.
Oh, and the hippies congregated at Der Weinerschnitzel , eventually ruining their business, and in that parking lot of that waterbed store across from C&F - cant remember the name.
Anyway, you asked for some memories. Well, several I'm not certain the statute of limitations has run on, so we'll talk about others...