Saturday, November 24, 2012

Judy Says. . .

Received this email from Judy - thanx! And feel free to expand when you figure out where to start ; start wherever you please!   :)

"So many memories from Peoria! Cherry Dr Peppers at Pennington's. Sitting in the Safeway parking lot.  Cruising the "Ribbon" in my 62 Corvair convertible with a friend listening to KAKC every Friday and Saturday night during the summer. {And I don't care what nader said - I loved that little white Corvair!} Movies at the Brook Theater. Shopping at Bellaire Village - buying jeans at Rebel Jeans. {"Re-Bel; they're swell!"} Even though we had one in Crystal City much closer to my house, somehow it was just cooler to get them on Peoria. Same with Anthonys and Frougs. The Pagoda. The beautiful houses. Woodward Park.
There was always something to do and something going on, day or night. So many great times there in the late 60s to early 70s, I wouldn't know where to start!"

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