Saturday, October 6, 2012


Scootered down to Brookside on my Scrambler last Sunday afternoon- Triumph Scrambler that is- to the autumn vintage motorcycle show at Brookside Motorcycle Company. Whilst standing around looking at bikes, eating barbecue and shooting the breeze, the conversation turned, naturally, to the good old days. And, as this year there were quite a few mini bikes and bicycles at the show, we started talking about first minibikes/motorcycles, riding bicycles and other happy childhood memory stuff. Anyway, go karts came up and David mentioned that Kartville was originally located on Peoria, just about 3 or 4 blocks from where we were standing. Well...this was news to me and was obviously before my time, [yes, there actually were internal combustion engines and roads and things before me...] so I began to try and research it a bit. I only remembered Kartville on 15th and Sheridan and then 41st between Mingo and Memorial. The internet didn't provide much help itself, but once again, Wilson's Great Uncle, Beryl Ford, came through courtesy of the Tulsa City-County Library Digital Photo Collection with some great images.