Friday, September 7, 2012

More memories from the Driller

Just received this from Driller AA. How great is that?!? The horn thing was something I had never heard before - learn something new every day!

"A few more thoughts. 
Obviously cruising between 31st and about 48th street was the thing to do in the mid sixties.  I don't think a great deal of parking in the shopping center lots and visiting happened until the early seventies.  If you wanted to drag race, that would usually take place either, South of 51st on Peoria, or on 61st between Peoria and Lewis.  One thing that I do remember was that each school had a special sequence of honking their car to identify their school.  It was kind of like code.  When you heard a certain rhythm of honking, you knew what school was represented.  Edison/Rogers, Edison/Hale, and Rogers/Hale were huge rivalries in the mid sixties.  All were in the same conference and in the largest classification in the state (4A at the time).  Rogers did very well in football, while Edison dominated the wrestling scene.
If you want some addition insight into the high school scene of 1965, Edison alumni have a marvelous website at  Check it out."
Thanx again Mr Driller. Looking forward to hearing more!

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