Saturday, September 8, 2012

Firecracker Films

OK, so this isn't necessarily Peoria related...but it's so cool that I had to share. Just replace 'My First Car' with 'Restless Ribbon' below and you're good to go. Send your story to him and let's get that old car back whilst helping get something decent on television for a change!

Firecracker Films

Jesse at  Firecracker Films   just contacted YrHmblHst about a new show his company is developing, and asked if the vast readership here at My First Car would like to participate in the program's genesis. I opined that, my readers being the most generous, talented and interesting lot the world has to offer, we / y'all would love to help. So shoot Jesse an email with a synopsis of the story you want to share - and it doesn't even have to be a FIRST car - and help get this show on the road. YrHmblHst is already scheduled for an interview...

"Firecracker Films is currently developing a show called “Restoration Reunion,” a cool new program that reunites people with their long lost cars.   You know the one you took to the drive-in filled with all your friends…or you paraded the love of your life in…or the one you religiously washed and waxed every weekend while the neighborhood kids watched.  Are you looking for your old ride or do you have a friend, partner, or parent who you would like to surprise by locating their beloved car?  Please send an email to  We’d love to hear your story!"

Tell him I sent ya!

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