Thursday, September 6, 2012

Driller's recollections

Architect, photographer, author, and general Bon Vivant,  Driller AA at Drillers Place just sent this glimpse of his time on The Ribbon...

"As a 1965 graduate of Tulsa Edison, the Restless Ribbon was an integral part of our high school experience.  The true ribbon ran from 31st to 51st on Peoria.  There wasn't much going on South of I-44 then.

The Brook Theater was the movie house of choice.  Pennington's was the gathering place for Edison students.  On Football Friday Nights Pennington's was packed after 10:00 p.m.  Six high schools played their games in Skelly Stadium.  Lafortune Park was not built until after 1965.  Most high schools had social clubs, or the equivalent of sororities and fraternities.  One of the rows of parked cars at Pennington's was dubbed "Soch Row".  That was where you could see and be seen by virtually everyone.  Edison was the school of the wealthy at that time, although my parents definitely did not fall into that category.  There were more new Impala Super Sports in the Edison parking lot than could be found at the local Chevy dealer.  During the summer, almost every night at Pennington's was filled with kids in cars.  A basket of fries and two cherry cokes was less than two dollars.  Gasoline was around $0.20 per gallon, so you could cruise all night and feed your date for under five bucks. 
Boots Drive-In was located on the east side of Sheridan at 18th street.  It was the domain of the Hale and Rogers kids.  Cotton's Drive-In was out on Admiral and was McClain/East Central territory.  I lived on 28th Street between Harvard and Yale.  This area is now known as "Midtown".  It was the northern border for Edison students. As a result I had friends from church that attended Hale and Rogers.  Therefore, I spent nearly as much time at Boots as I did at Pennington's.  Boots had a dining room and Pennington's was strictly a drive-in.
That's all for now.  I'll share more later." 
Thanx for the memories, and looking forward to hearing more. 
In the meantime, be sure and check out his thoughts and photography over at Driller's Place.

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