Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brookside History

Riding down the Ribbon on the Rocket this past weekend, I was remembering some of the cool things that used to be there. I also remembered a couple of great posts on Tulsa Gal, so I emailed her and asked for permission to reprint parts of them here. She has graciously allowed such. So what follows is from her [although a couple of the comments are obviously from me] Photos from TulsaGal, The Tulsa Historical Society and the Beryl Ford Collection/Tulsa City County Library. Oh, and did you know that Beryl Ford was my Malamute's Great Uncle? Yep, so it's kinda all in the family...   :)


When Tulsa WWII veterans returned from Europe and the Pacific they found great housing from which to choose from here. $300 down would get them into a cute $7,000 bungalow. These cookie-cutter homes directed at the GI market became synonymous with Brookside.
(click on photos to enlarge)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weber's Superior Root Beer

Rolling down the Ribbon in the RoadRunner, ready to requisition a root beer and repast,  I ruminated upon my responsibility to include a post on those perennial purveyors of the modern sarsaparilla on Peoria, Weber's Superior Root Beer. So after a couple of cold frosty mugs, I returned to my current abode and began to research a bit. Well, where better to start than with the 'Weber' family themselves?
The following is from their own site , and gives a pretty good history.

Monday, August 20, 2012

A rose by any other name...

YrHmblHst was down at the Tulsa Historical Society the other day to go through the KAKC exhibit again before it closed, and made a couple of Peoria related enquiries whilst I was there. Learned something interesting...
Peoria was originally named 'Cruces' and then 'Pearl St' . Now, from what I can tell, these names were applied to North Peoria only, as South Peoria didn't exist, per se, at the time. Although it does appear that 'Pearl' was affixed to the thoroughfare late enough for it to include the area up to, and slighlty past, 6th St South. So South Peoria as we know it was originally Pearl Street. One wonders, had the street name not changed, would the title of this blog be the 'Sleepless Strand'?