Thursday, May 7, 2020

Paula says...

" I got my learners permit summer of 74. Naturally, I wanted to "go for a drive" as soon as I got home from the license bureau.  My older sister Judy agreed to go along. Naturally, Dad said "Don't go down to Brookside!" So, naturally, that was the first place we went.
It was great! At least until I , naturally, rear-ended another car whilst gawking...

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

More Peoria Pictures...

YrHmblHst regularly scours the dusty, obscure and off the beaten track corners of the WWW looking for information on our favourite street in Tulsa. Imagine my surprise when I found these marvelous images on a tumblr emanating from England; the fame of the Restless Ribbon has spanned the Atlantic!
No notations were given other than they are from the summer of 1979. They are fantastic - enjoy!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Don shared a photo...

               Don from the Early V8 Ford club just shared this photo with YrHmbHst.

What a great picture! Appears to be looking south on Peoria at 41st St. Undoubtedly, the fellow leaning in the 58 Chevy talking to a couple of lovely young ladies just hopped off the front of his own car parked in the Safeway parking lot. In front of the BelAir is a sweet 53 to 55 Ford F100, and in front of that a 67 Impala. C&F Racing's building would be right 'above' the roof of the pickup. Next to the truck appears to be an Oldsmobile StarFire.

But look at the car on the left of the photo whose passenger is mugging for the camera; that appears to be a 70 AMC Rebel MACHINE...very cool and very rare automobile.

Anyone here have any more info on the photo? Any other observations?

Thanx for sharing Mr D.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

June 8, 1974

YrHmblHst is a little slow sometimes...but hey, Im only two weeks late; I was just reminded that this year marks the 45th anniversary of one of the worst tornadoes Tulsa has seen. June 8th 1974 saw 3 different funnel systems damage and take life in Tulsa. Areas of damage included ORU up to around 71st and Yale, East Tulsa around 21st and Garnett over to 21st and 129th, and Brookside. Even living as far south and east of Tulsa proper at the time as we did, my father and I - being typical 'Okies' - went outside to try and see any actual funnels once we learned they were in the area. We DID see the three funnels that descended from the same cloud that took out the east 21st street area, but obviously didnt see the Brookside one. As we are concerned with Peoria Avenue here, I went and found a few photos of the damage on and around our favourite thoroughfare. Any readers have any more pictures they wish to share, or any stories / remembrances of that day?
damaging Shakeys?!?!? THIS is unacceptable...
what was left of Braums...

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Mike says...

Cruising Brookside with the radio on and eating at Penningtons - life was good!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Remington Elementary

Through happenstance, circumstance and a slice of synchronicity, it has come to YrHmblHst’s attention that Remington Elementary in Tulsa is to be closed, ironically coinciding with that institution’s 50th anniversary. I know, I know, ‘What does that have to do with Peoria?’ is the question bursting forth from the readers [all both of you] frontal lobe[s] and lips, and the answer is, ‘nothing’. But I ask your momentary indulgence.

Through no fault of my, or my parents, own, YrHmblHst attended three different elementary schools as a wee one. [yes, {regrettably} there were indeed public schools way back then, even though the school busses were tame, well trained versions of Sinclair’s mascot and diplomas were chiseled stone tablets, such institutions existed…] But Remington is the one I consider ‘my’ elementary school. I was interned there from its opening day thru the 5th grade, after which we left the area. It was a nice building in a nice wooded area with plenty of space. Plus, there were actually a few teachers in residence who really cared also, a quality sadly lacking these days ; RIP Mr Whittaker and God bless, thank you Mrs Haynes, and Miss Gebhardt/Mrs Pickle - you were right, I was wrong, and I suffer the consequences of not listening to you daily.


According to what I have read, the plan is to close Remington, Park [‘Park Pansies’ as we on the baseball team derisively referred to them] and Porter [which was so far beneath us as to not even rate contempt] and move all of those students and staff into Clinton Jr High’s new-ish building. What then of the Clinton occupants? Well, apparently, they are to be moved to the Webster High School campus where also apparently, more space to house them will need to be constructed. That sounds logical, right?!?

Being naturally inquisitive, YrHmblHst got to wondering what was to be the disposition of the physical plant; I mean, Remington has a very nice building, both structurally sound and in very good repair, [in much better condition and more ‘modern’ than the author of this rant…] with 20 acres of surrounding woodlands. It IS a pretty unique and valuable asset.
So I made enquiries from more than one entity that should have the answer to my query [‘Enquiring minds want to know’ ya know] and the answer was, consistently, ‘I dunno’.


Tulsa Public Schools [more widely known as Tulsa Pubic Fools to its victims] continues to follow lockstep in with all other government entities in a never ending parade of flagrant waste, PC politics run amok, inefficiency, cultural marxist dogma and rejection of reason. Several potential solutions to the alleged problem immediately spring to mind, and none incorporate the closing of one of TPS’ more uncommon facilities.

Oh well.

Im sure that somehow TPS, the NEA, teachers unions/tcta and the Tulsa World will blame President kushner’s father-in-law for all this.

Right then… enough talk about bureaucracy and other un-fun stuff; back to conversing about Brookside!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rick Says . . .

Where do I begin? Dragging Brookside was THE place to be. Cruising, picking up chicks, or them picking up guys, was what Friday and Saturday nights were all about. Each mile had its own social groups occupying different parking lots.

There was a Safeway lot which housed the goat ropers and kids. Next were various lots with "tough guys" and their wenches. The first Arby's in town was occupied by bikers. Farther south, the cool people took over all the way to Der Wienerschnitzel. Bellaire Village was where guys met to race for "pink slips". My neighbor had a 1965 short bed Ford truck with a hot 352 and all eight open exhaust exiting out the back. He did a burn-out in that parking lot which completely obscured the Camelot Inn one nightActually more than once! The fast guys would check out each other's cars and decide if they thought their muscle car would win in a race down Highway 75, or, if the other guy would walk off with their cherry machine. Things occasionally got tense... (It was so much fun!)
One Saturday, my brother was challenged by a guy named Rusty. Rusty had a 1969 440 six-pack Roadrunner that had been unbeatable. My brother had a 1969 SS 396 Camaro. Well, the plate said 396 but it was a really a 427, with over 600hp.

They were going to race the Beeline for titles. We took off to get gas and Rusty sent a spy to watch us. We noticed the guy and went all the way over to Garnett for fuel. When we got back on I-44, the guy was right behind us. My brother floored the beast and left the other car's lights back in the stone age. We were going about 130 after a mile. (With slicks, it would do that in a 1/4 mile at the drag strip) Well, the spy finally showed up and told Rusty that things weren't quite what they appeared to be at first glance, so Rusty backed out of the deal. The wuss. And that's the way it was back then.

Sometimes I'm reminded of Charlton Heston in "Planet Of the Apes" when I think about the crappy, front wheel drive, ugly, modern cars and high fuel prices: "Damn you! Damn you all to hell!"   :)